Butterfly wedding cakes

In greek mythology it was said that Eros aka Cupid, the son of Aphrodite and Hermes had a human lover whose greek name "Soul" translates to butterflies. Cupid himself was a very handsome young man with beautiful wings. He would often visit "Soul" at night and their meetings were full of love and passion.

Butterfly wedding cakes symbolise soulfulness, passion and love. You are definitely at the right place if you want a beautiful butterfly wedding cake for your wedding. Design or customise with delicious flavours, your chosen colour theme and let us do the rest.

Steps to design and order your Butterfly wedding cake.

1. Go to butterfly wedding cakes designer

2. Follow the steps to choose number of tiers and flavours

3. Select a style of ribbon and choose butterflies as your pipping pattern

4. Select or match with your wedding colours

5. Add extras like cupcakes and order online.

6. Your cake will be made and crafted by our award winning wedding cake maker and delivered on your big day to your chosen venue.

We have made it very easy for you to design, book and order butterfly wedding cakes. I think Cupid and "Soul" will approve too. Go to step 1 to begin.