Cheap Wedding Cakes

Cheap wedding cakes can be ordered online from Supermarkets and local bakeries’ website. If you are getting married on a budget, then you can save money by opting for a standard sponge cake selection from their product offerings. 

You can get cheap wedding cakes for as low as £100. You may have to compromise on the cake design matching your chosen colour theme, the size of the cake or the flavours available.  The higher the quality of the flavours and the more customisation required the more expensive your cake will get.

Another important point to factor in is delivery. Is the delivery cost included in the price of the cake? If the company is local to you then delivery may not be an issue. However, the further away your wedding venue is to the cake maker the more expensive the overall cost of your cake.

So before deciding if you want cheap wedding cakes ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is there any local wedding cake business or supermarket offering cheap or low priced wedding cakes in my area?
  2. Am I fussy over the flavour of my wedding cake?
  3. Do I care if the designs available do not match my colour theme?
  4. Do I have to pay extra for delivery?
  5. Do I care if I have no say in what my cake looks like?

If the answer to questions two to five above is no, then go for it. You can do an online search for cheap wedding cakes to see who is offering what.

Here at Vintage Glamour Cakes we offer four, delicious and high quality flavours.  Custom design and free delivery for the first 100miles of Bedfordshire.  We believe buying a wedding cake should be simple and sell three and four tier cakes for £377 and £457 respectively. You can go design wedding cake online.